become aware of your own strength.

when i became aware of my own strength , i realized i was unstoppable. 


Have you decided it was time for a change ? maybe that is why you decided to come by and see what i am all about ... seriously though , you took the initiative to make a decision... so hell yeah. I remember doing the exact same thing ..except at the time i was lost , broken , torn , betrayed and felt completely defeated by my own mentality and other personal issues .  I felt limited and unable to achieve my fitness goals and life goals as if i simply was NEVER going to make it out of a black hole of low self-esteem and a non existent confidence . However in the mist of all that i ALWAYS found myself under the bar , pulling the bar and lifting the bar. Something about pulling and pushing heavy loads made me feel capable , hopeful, powerful and limitless , it was simply my escape . I later found myself at a point in life where my confidence has grown so much along with my strength  .My goal is to reach as many people as possible and inspire the change we all feel to be so impossible to find.. The programs that i put together are not for the half effort population, i have designed these programs for the WILLING AND COMMITTED.Fitness is something that i hold so close to my heart because it has saved my life emotionally and physically . I live and breathe this SH*T. match my effort and become LIMITLESS. 

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16 week competition prep (bikini)


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coaching is an online service . 1-on-1  posing is included 1x a week . 1-on-1  training is not included.  Month to month (no Contract ) 

Road to FIT


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Road to FIT is a online service that provides a nutrition program and training  (for those who don’t want to compete but want to become better) program customized to YOU! this is NO cookie cutter program . changes will be made according to progress / physique goals. please check your email shortly after purchase For further instructions! 

one one one POSING (45 min)


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